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    • Who is Zooli Company?

    • What is Iwako?

    • What else do I need to know?

    • What's Wu & Wu?

    Who is Zooli Company? top

    I'm Zooli Company!  My name is Lisa and I am the owner of Zooli.  And, yes, that is my baby picture!    I started the company in late 2008 because I love japanese culture.   Japanese culture is so interesting and different from ours.  It's a lot of fun to research these products which are so big in Japan.  Having products from Japan feels exotic!  As my company grows, I hope to offer more and more!
    When I heard about Iwako's Japanese Erasers, I fell in love with them.  They are such wonderful little creations.  They are very versatile as well.  They make a great little "caught being good" treat for the kids, great party favors, gifts, shower favors....I could go on and on.  Kids as well as adults enjoy these little works of art.  Kids love them because they are so much fun to play with!  Adults like them for this reason too, but can also appreciate the quality of the product!

    What is Iwako? top

    Iwako is the Japanese Company which makes the erasers!  It's beautiful as you can see from the pictures.  So clean, so green!

    You could probably eat off the floors - AMAZING!

    Iwako has been around for a while, but a few years ago, the eraser craze exploded - worldwide!  The factory is open 24/7 to meet the needs of their loving fans!  Can you imagine that with all the styles they offer - they put each one together by hand?

    Iwako does not add paint to the erasers to add different color, The colorful lead-free products are realized by color powder. Color powders are kneaded into SBS material and melted by heat. They make many parts separately by colors, to form puzzle erasers. There is no compromise for safety, no substitute for quality and no shortcut taken. 100% made in Japan.


    What else do I need to know? top

    Well, simply put, we love Japanese Erasers and Japanese culture. 
    Our customers are our life!  You are a priorty each and every time you order from us.  We are easy to reach with any questions you may have!
    You may order from us using Paypal or any credit card. 
    It is our sincere wish that when you find us on the web, you'll enjoy our site.  There's lots of silliness on each page if you read the small print... We are always working to improve the site, making it easy to navigate. 
    If you ever have any comments, please send them along!  Your input is very important! 
    Thanks for visiting Zooli Company!

    What's Wu & Wu? top

    Wu and Wu is a line of products that were added in 2010.  The artwork on each product is outstanding.  The bags, wallets, cases, kits are all really well made.  The Wu & Wu section of the website has more information about the creator of the products, Fiona Hewitt. 
    If you have not purchased anything from this company, I truly hope you do.  Each item is so pretty and is a conversation piece.  My own girls love the products and are always little trendsetters when they are seen with these products.  They love that!  My 4 year old uses the Pigtail Kit EVERYDAY.  I comb her hair and she holds the mirror to watch.  She loves to pick out her hair accessories each day.  Many people comment on the bows, etc.  They really do bring back a bit a nostalgia...
    I just love this stuff....I hope to carry the entire line of products from this wonderful company in the near future!


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