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Eraser Bags & Boxes

Zooli Company has Bento Boxes for your Japanese Eraser storage. 
What a cute way to keep them?  We also have products from WU and WU
to keep and carry your Japanese Erasers as well!  Also a great birthday
party gift or favor!  Shop Us Now - You will love us!  Fast Shipping!

Double Zipper Eraser/Accessory Bag - So Cute! See Below..

#030 Happy Time - Eraser Zipper/Accessory Bag


#730 Sushi Board

Serve your hamsters, babies, frogs, ducks, etc...in style!
Sushi board holds about 6 erasers and makes a really
cute display......

#735 Clear Pink Sushi Serving Tray

3.75”x2.75”  Ok.  How
cute would this be in
your Barbie townhouse?

#BEN101 Bento Box Yellow


#BEN102 Bento Box Pink

All the world knows of Japan's delicious
and fun custom of "bento" (boxed lunch). 
These are a large size, oval shaped box.
Choose from yellow or pink!

#CARRYBAGS Eraser Carry Bag

ERASER CARRY BAG is thick and strong to hold lots of erasers, there is a Velcro seal inside the top of bag, 6.75”x7". Please mark with an X next to the corresponding number of the style bag you would like!  Otherwise we will choose one of these incredibly adorable bags for you...

#DDPENCSE Dumpling Dynasty Pencil Case

 For pencils and pens, make-up and of course Japanese Erasers, this little case
 will give you double happiness every time you use it.
With the trademark chunky red star fastener, quality zip and pink silky lining
could life be any sweeter?!
Sorry, item is temporarily out of stock

#ZIPTUBE Tube Zipper Bag

TUBE ZIPPER BAG for erasers and pencils. 8” long 2.4” diameter.  Soft with Kawaii deisgns.  Designs change, so we'll pick one of these totally cute cases for


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